Here you can find information about snowmobiletours


On a guided snowmobilesafari you drive you´r own snowmoible but with a guide.  You are max. 10 snowmobiles /guide & max 2 persons/snowmobile. If you have a child going a long, you place them behind yourself.  There are also sledges to rent and have for children, minimum age 4 years.  To be able to drive on a guided tour you need a driverslicense.

1,5 hour tour- goes daily and is perfect for beginners or if you have children going a long.        Starts daily at 10:00,12:00 & 14:00  o´clock                                   950:-/snowmobile

                                                                                               + 400:-/sledge

2,5 hour tour -for you who is a little bit more experienced
                                (we don´t recomend children on these tours.)
Starts tuesday at kl 09:00 & thurday at  14:00                               1 500:-/snowmobile

                                                                                           ( we don´t allow sledges on these tours)

3,5 & 5,5 hour tour -Is recomended for you who is experienced & reservs  5 snowmobiles or more.

Starts as agreed.                     3,5 hour         1 900:-/snowmobile

                                              5,5 hour         2 500:-/snowmobile                

We alway´s meet up 20 min . before the tours starts!


Starts daily at Högfjällsgården (Högfjällsvägen 2) & goes to Hemfjällsstugan.
Monday - Saturday at 10,11 & 12 o´clock, sunny day´s also at 13:00 
,returns from  Hemfjällsstugan 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 13:30 (14;30) o´clock.
No reservation is needed!

The snowmobilesledge takes app. 20 minutes & you are app. 15 persons in the sledge behind a snowmobile. Dogs & skies is possible to bring on the trip.
You pay you´r ticket at the snowmobilesafari 

                                                                                Two way ticket adult    150:-

                                                                                 One way ticket adult   100:-

                                                                                 Children                         1/2 price


To be able to rent you´re own snowmobile, you need a special permit!


On our snowmobiletours we often stops on Hemfjällsstugan to have a coffee or "fika" or just to get some warmth. "Fika" is not included in the price.

If you wan´t to go here it´s also possible to take the snowmobilesledge.

This is where we drive our snowmobilesledge!

To Hemfjällsstugan we make cross country tracks from  Hemfjällstangen & Högfjällsgården every day. You can find daily updates on their social media.